Martin Luther King, JR Square Park Renovation

Project Info
September 2021
Kansas City, Missouri
City of Kansas City, Missouri- Parks and Recreation
15 and the Mahomies, Gunter Construction Company, Landworks Studio
General Contractor,
Building Construction,
Street Improvements,
Parks and Recreation,
Site Work,

Project Details

Gunter Construction Company completed an amazing transformation of the park named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Gunter Construction, "The 15 and the Mahomies Foundation", and Landworks Studio helped transform Martin Luther King Jr. Square Park, located at 1900 Swope Parkway, by building an all-inclusive destination play site that will provide a safe place for kids to play, celebrate Dr. King’s legacy and learn about the Civil Rights history of Kansas City.

The first phase of improvements to help transform Martin Luther King Jr. Square Park will provide civil rights education and a unique, safe place for children of all abilities to play together.

The playground pieces that have been selected encourage accessibility and inclusiveness for children with all physical and mental abilities and are also durable for longevity and easy to maintain.

The destination playground features a large, custom net play structure, multiple types of swings, musical marimba, a small shade structure, a wheelchair accessible spinner and a synthetic turf mound with climbing features and a wide concrete hill slide.

"I was joking with Gunter earlier and it seemed like I went to training camp and came back and this thing was all the way up, so I just want to thank Gunter Construction for turning that around and getting this thing done in such a quick amount of time." - Patrick Mahomes