Project Manager

Gunter Construction is aggressively seeking a Heavy/Civil Project Manager with grit. If you’re a pro-active, strategic thinker that drives complicated projects forward in an organized, controlled manner, we may have the perfect role for you to reach your professional goals. The Project Manager will be engaged as an owner’s representative and responsible for projects with significant construction risks; ensuring that the company has the proper administration, operational controls, reporting procedures, and people systems in place to maintain schedules, maximize financial strength and minimize cost overruns. We’re looking for only high performing talent with integrity; and a professional grade Heavy/Civil Construction Project Manager that is a born leader.

Job Type:
Full Time
$65,688.00 - $100,000.00 per year

Job Description


  • 401k Match
  • Profit Share Program
  • PTO
  • Health, Vision and Dental Insurance

Life at Gunter

Our team members can expect loyalty, fair treatment, and individual consideration from all management levels. Team Gunter understands the value of a healthy work-life balance. One way we achieve this is by building projects with local people, this ensures they are "always home for dinner".

As a team, our people are quicker to come to the point, frank and more open in conversations. We face many difficult problems that need to be solved and decisions made in a timely manner. Team members can rely on each other because our people are courteous and considerate but have a different drive and an unusual air of urgency about them.

General Knowledge

  • Report directly to C.O.O.
  • Become intimately familiar with plans & specifications for the Project
  • Develop a complete understanding of bid, bid assumptions, budget, Subcontractors & P.O.’s
  • Develop a good “big picture” understanding of the Project

Pre-Project Planning Functions

  • Fully understand plans, specifications and standard drawings for the Project
  • Understand full scope of the Project
  • Comprehensive understanding of quality and acceptance requirements
  • Review and understand the bid and budget assumptions
  • Develop detailed work plan with the Project team to ensure successful Project completion

Permits & Submittals

  • Responsible for all E & S plans and all permits required for the Project
  • Review all Subcontractor submittals for details and accuracy prior to submission to Owner
  • Generate all RFI’s and submittal log for the Project


  • Prepare Project schedule and weekly updates
  • Know and understand contract completion dates

Subcontractor & Material Control

  • Hold pre-con meetings with GCC employees and Subs prior to starting new items of work on the Project.
  • Assist with confirming that subcontractors and suppliers have all required paperwork in prior to starting their work.
  • Assist with monitoring subs for accuracy of work and conformance with specs, QC and QA.
  • Maintain accurate log of all materials delivered by vendor and by material type & compare to P.O. quantities to ensure adequate material onsite to complete work
  • Accurately cost code all material and OST tickets & invoices

Project Management & Administration

  • Initiate and approve Subcontracts and PO’s
  • Confirm a subcontractor has all required paperwork turned in to GCC before starting their work,
  • Assist Superintendent with daily management of Project
  • Maintain dialog with on-site field personal of their needs (I.e. misc. supplies, materials and equipment) and make arrangements to get it to them
  • Maintain communication with Owner and their Representatives of on-going work
  • Recognize when we are performing work beyond the scope of or contract & discuss it with Supt.
  • Approve daily logs and weekly job photos from Superintendent

Progress & Payments, Change Orders & Cost Control

  • Price additional work to Owner and prepare change orders
  • Observe crew sizes, equipment utilization, material usage & productions as compares to budget assumptions. Discuss variances with Supt and OM.
  • Assist in tracking costs on specific items at the field level of big ticket items (i.e. mass haul, concrete placement, stone placement, etc)
  • Initiate and approve Pay applications to Owners
  • Initiate and approve Pay Estimates to Subcontractors
  • Initiate project closeout and work closely with Project Administrator to gather final information required by each Owner.

Quality Control

  • Understand quality control program and quality control requirements
  • Recognize when work is being performed in violation of the specification. Notify Supt. & OM.
  • Assist with quality control needs as requested


  • Recognize unsafe acts or operations and do not let them continue
  • Assist with holding weekly safety meetings
  • Understand Company safety rules and regulations
  • Understand Project specific safety concerns
  • Ensure regular safety meetings with crews are held
  • Observe site for safe operations

Material Management

  • Identify small tools and miscellaneous material needs on a weekly basis with Superintendent and     Operations Manager
  • Maintain inventory control of permanent materials in conjunction with the Superintendent and Operations Manager

Reliable transportation required.

Compensation commensurate upon experience.

Passing of Background and drug test required.

Spanish & English communication skills a plus.

Gunter Construction is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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