Administrative Assistant

Job Type:
Full Time

Job Description

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Construction Industry Experience
  • Leadership skills with steadfast resolve and personal integrity
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills


  • Assist in Bid process: procuring subcontractor quotes, assemble bid packets, submit bids, maintain bid results log.
  • Assist in material supplier & subcontractor selection for the project
  • Assist in quantity and price verification of material suppliers and subcontractors prior to issuing Purchase Orders and Subcontracts.
  • Create and prepare Subcontracts and PO’s for approval

General Knowledge

  • Know the cost codes
  • Organize and maintain files (physical and server)
  • Obtain business licenses for municipalities GCC is working in
  • Visit jobsite monthly with PM
  • Attend Preconstruction and selective Owner Meetings

Permits & Submittals

  • Prepare all job submittals for the Project
  • Submit and process all RFI’s and submittals for the Project
  • Maintain submittal register and call on late submittals
  • Submit Schedule to Owner
  • Assist with obtaining required permits for project specific items
  • Submit As-Built Drawings

Subcontractor & Material Control

  • Verify that all Subs have current insurance certificates on file
  • Issue miscellaneous job PO’s as necessary
  • "Sub Requirements” maintenance calls and updates

Project Management & Administration

  • Prepare and maintain all Project files for the field office and main office
  • Move logs and photos into correct files
  • Assemble Superintendent binder
  • Assemble Job Board information for Supt
  • Work closely with Project Manager to schedule any project meetings.
  • Assist with updating locates weekly and submit results to Supt, PM, OM
  • Write job correspondence to Owner and subcontractors
  • Submit Pay Applications
  • Maintain Change Order Log, RFI Log, Transmittal Log
  • Ensure contract compliance with all municipalities regarding their required paperwork
  • Submit GCC workforce in B2G or other required system and ensure subcontractors do same

Progress & Payments, Change Orders & Cost Control

  • Prepare & submit pay applications to Owner
  • Prepare & submit pay estimates to subcontractors
  • Format, Submit, Log, and File and Change Orders
  • Follow-up with Owners about expected payment dates and Overdue payments
  • Coordinate Retainage Pulls with Project Manager
  • Prepare for project closeout and work closely with Project Manager to gather final information required by each Owner.


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